Sunday, February 7, 2010

so very

If only he could remember her name. He couldn't keep the names from slipping away. If only. Rhys thought he might have a head ache from trying to keep it straight in his head. This Franny. He knew for sure she was important to him. He just knew it. But how?

He was quite an imbecile as of late. Just nothing. Nothing came and went. Everything drifted by without him. He knew his mum was losing the effort to try with him anymore. He had a brother, but he could  have been older or younger. Well, he was someone. One day, he'd wake up thinking he knew quite everything, and then he didn't.

It was so puzzling and dreadful. He watched a lot of television. But it didn't mean much to him. Really, was this what it was like when you became a very old fart and forgot your friend? Well, he was a young fart, and the only thing he seemed to be good at these days was drinking and getting into fights.

Well, the lasses seemed to like his silly grin. And they'd do things with him. It could be a bit giddy if he let it. At least he wasn't the village idiot yet, but close.

And then he saw someone in the street, and he knew he hated him. Hated him completely, but he didn't know why.  Couldn't possibly know why. If only he could.

"WHO ARE YOU!" Instantly, Rhys wanted to tackle the tall dark brooding man and fight him to the death. But the man just looked at him as if he saw nothing. Rhys was invisible to him.

"I'm talking to you! Aye!" He wanted to know his arch nemesis. He wanted to know what it would take to find out what this man had taken from him. He wanted to know. Now. He grabbed the man's leather coat.

"What are you pandering?" He handed him a quid.

"A name. I need a name." Rhys pleaded.

"It won't do you much good, now will it?" It was as if the man knew him quite well. He stared into Rhys' face as if he was a pathetic man. Completely stupid. "Jamie Dean." The man gave him an ominous stare.

"What?" Rhys looked at him cross.

"Try to hang on to it, will you?" Jamie slightly smiled.

Rhys winced harder.

"The quid." He smiled smartly. "Maybe it'll bring you luck." Jamie went on into the crowd toward the shops. Soon he faded. The name. But Rhys remembered his face very well. So very well.


Holly said...

I do feel bad for Rhys since Jamie was the one who took so much away from him, in a way. But, in a way, Jamie took care of Sasha, since rhys' family doesn't like Sasha and Risa. But still..I dunno. Maybe Rhys will figure it out.

fan fic said...

Hard to feel sorry for Rhys sometimes.

ellie said...

i wonder what sort luck jamie will give him.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, funny about the luck.