Wednesday, February 24, 2010

poker face

I wanna hold em'
like they do in Texas Plays Fold em'
let em' hit me
raise it baby
stay with me
(I love it)
Luck and intuition
play the cards
with Spades to start
And after
he's been hooked
I'll play the one
 that's on his heart
-Lady GaGa

Well, it was a start. Ingrid supposed. If Leo wasn't a millionaire, at least he could teach her something.


"I could show you the game." Leo almost smiled about it. He gave her a sly look.

"You really think I'd be good at it?" She wanted to know.

"Depends." Leo shrugged. "Its all in the eyes."

Leo dealt the cards then there at the kitchen table at Cecil's, minus the Cecil since he was still in London. As it was, Ingrid was a bit distressed. He hadn't exactly called her, lately. But right now she had to focus on the cards. She had no idea was a royal flush was or even what a bad hand looked like.

"Just relax." Leo told her. "Relax. Don't let me know what you've got."

She tried to smile and focus. Really, she was a bad poker player. She was. After all, she didn't even know if she was going or coming.

"You're sure you're up for this?" Leo looked at her.

"Yes, most definitely." She would muster up her poker face, some how. "What am I suppose to do?" She found a pair of twos.

"Definitely, not play, go fish, my dear." He laughed softly.

"Oh." She still hadn't a clue what was going on.


blue hearts said...

ingrid seems a little unlikely for the game.

ellie said...

crazy girl. well, he might be too.

Meg said...

She better figure out the rules quick!