Sunday, February 21, 2010

one thing leads to another....maybe

"Whats he gone and done this time?" Colin asked as soon as she got off the phone. He had her herbal tea waiting for her as well as a blueberry scone.

"I'm afraid you don't want to know," Kelsy looked at Colin as the corner of her lips twitched. He knew she could hardly wait to tell him the gossip. "Looks as if things might be on the rocks with he and Ingrid."

"Are you proud of yourself now?" Colin smirked.

"Proud of myself!" Now he'd really roused her up. "I had nothing to do with this Col, nothing to do with it at all"

"I bet." Colin rolled his eyes as he went to tend to Nancy. Kelsy had woke her up.

"No, I hadn't done a thing." Kelsy was right behind him as he picked up the bare headed little infant. "It seems, Cecil ran into an old friend of our mother's. He spent the night her, in fact. I think he might be good as settled in London now. Don't know if we'll ever get that slapper out of his place now. Probably thinks she owns it!"

"Oh, Kelsy, looks like those two deserve each other. Don't you dare bother with her, here me? We don't need bad karma going on." He glared back at her.

"Who said a thing about bad karma?" Kelsy stared at him sternly.

"Just leave it alone. It'll work its self out, soon enough, hear me?" Colin gritted. They'd never really argued much. He did what ever he could, to please her, but this was a different matter entirely. It was best to stay out of their relatives business. Not that he was directly related to Ingrid, but his half-brother Sebastian was, who had to keep referring to as his nephew. Really, it felt as he'd already gone above the call of duty.

Fortunately, before Kelsy could give him anymore lip about it, someone was at the door. Jamie and Sebastian.

"Well, this is a surprise," Kelsy grinned.

"Is it?" Jamie sort of laughed, but Sebastian was his serious self. "I thought I'd pass on a little information, we just learned."

"Gramps gone crazy, I think he needs to be in a hospital." Sebastian told Colin.

"Hold on." Jamie looked at Sebastian. He grabbed his arm before Sebastian could go crazy with the news. "He hasn't lost all his marbles, as of yet."

Colin just grinned. "This should be good. What did he do this time?"

"It seems he's found some one new to fancy." Jamie scrunched a silly face.

"What? Someone in the circus, limber, I suppose." Colin looked at both them. He knew his Dad quite well.

"Ingrid." Sebastian gave Colin a serious sour look, as if she'd be the death of the family.

"Ingrid? Did you hear that, Kel?" He looked back at Kelsy who was stuffing the scone down as if she hadn't eaten all day, when in fact she'd had lunch barely two hours ago.

"What?" She said with food in her mouth.

"Dad's fancying that bird of Cecil's." Colin shrugged.

Kelsy glared at Jamie.

"Well, what's going on?" Colin winced.

"It seems he wants to take her under his wing, for a bit." Jamie gave Colin a silly smirk.

"He's moved into Cecil's flat." Sebastian looked quite upset.

This made Kelsy move.

"Don't you think about going over there." Colin grabbed her arm. "Just leave it alone, will you. Leave it alone."

"Its disgusting." Sebastian swelled a frown.

"See, what I'm up against?" Jamie grinned crossing his arms.

"Really, you two, it won't do a bit of good." Colin told Sebastian and Kelsy. "Dad always does as he pleases."


ellie said...

Sebastian's worries..and it seems colin & jamie might know their dad too. well.

Holly said...

Good to see Kelsy and Colin...oh boy, lots of changes!