Thursday, February 11, 2010

old as the hills

Jamie was beginning to think perhaps his father had turned over a new leaf completely, these days. Honestly, what was really going on with his father and Quentin? He didn't want to come out and ask, but he was beginning to think it migh be sexual.

"I'm glad you're making friends and all, Dad, but Quentin is here all the time." Jamie pointed out.

"So," Leo shrugged. "We play a great deal of chess."

"Is that all you're doing?" Jamie did his best to leave private matters to his Dad.

"And some poker." Leo seemed pleasant enough about it.

"Poker?" This would have to do with gambling. Jamie sighed. It was after all his Dad's downfall. He supposed. "Are you taking his money, Dad?"

He only smiled at Jamie as if it were just a joke.

"We have our investments." Leo assured him.

"Investments?" Jamie glared. It was even worse than he thought. "You wouldn't?" They'd run his Dad out of town yet. "You behav'n, yourself?" Jamie winced.

"Why of course." Leo was so solemn about it as he straightened out the paper to read on the kitchen table then.

"Dad? Promise me you won't lose everything. Promise?" Jamie was a bit worried now. This is what he'd came for. A quick fix in his financial life. He didn't give shit about any of them.

"What's there to promise? I'm an old fart. I mean, no one any harm." He smiled then as he went back to reading. Jamie wished he could believe him.


ellie said...

Funny about him being an old fart..hahahaha...

heath & nick said...

so now ..maybe we know where Jamie gets his cleverness from, huh?

blue hearts said...

Leo, hum..wonder just what he's done.