Sunday, February 14, 2010

not quite a good feeling

Sebastian woke up with a bad feeling. He couldn't quite say what it was, but it was Valentines day, for goodness sakes. Cupid's day, in fact. And they were set to go in for the appointment on birth control.

Maybe that was it. What a drab day for such an event. They should be celebrating, a nice dinner maybe a movie. Some jewelry. At least flowers. All these things he had put off doing. Yes, he knew it was his fault that Anita would have a miserable day.

"Are you absolutely, sure that's it?" Anita looked at him puzzled.

"No, not really." He was a procrastinator, after all. He was a last minute bloke on these sort of occasions. "I dunno."

Well, she kissed him and that really set things in motion. A different outcome, entirely. Did she really know what she wanted? Really? He wasn't going to ask, but take her up on the offer. He kissed back as if maybe..maybe was not all lost on Valentines day. Well, at least not for the next 15 minutes or so of passion that could perhaps really be not exactly what the nurse would want to hear when she'd ask what had they been doing. Everything, they weren't suppose to do. Possibly. But it didn't mean much for Sebastian to think about at the moment. And when it was over, Sebastian breathed much easier with a smile on his pillow...until he winced and thought of Gramp Leo. He shot up.

"This has nothing to do with you or me." He dressed quickly.

"Where are you going?" Anita was wrapped up in the covers. "We don't have school today."

"Right, but there's the dance, yeah?" He nodded. "I have to see if Gramp is OK. I have too."

Anita just gave him a bit of a scowl as if he was suppose to be with her, instead. But he pushed into his black high tops and was on his way down the hall.

He beat on the door. "Gramp! Gramp! Are you in there!"

"Jesus, Sebastian, what's the noise for?" Soren came out into the hall from his room then.

"I dunno." Sebastian shrugged. "Did he come home? Do you know?"

"Dunno." Soren shrugged back.

Sebastian winced then, he turned the door knob. It was unlocked. He carefully, opened the door just to see no one was there. No one. The bed not even taken too. It was irrie. Gramp Leo was gone.


Holly said...

oh no..but it might have been worse if he'd walked in on Gramp and someone.

Winnie said...

Oh dear, I hope they find Gramp leo.

Cait said...

Sebastian might be in as much trouble as his grampa.