Thursday, February 4, 2010

not just the flavor of the day

"So what is it about him, really, cousin, that's got you domesticated?" Sebastian finally got around to asking Soren. For once he wasn't chained to that Rupert.

"Well, look at him?" Soren smiled with a shrug.

"The total package, is it?" Sebastian winced. "I've seen you work a party, you could have anyone. Anyone, Soren."

"Yeah." Soren shrugged. "So."

"What did he do to keep you on pause, like this?" Sebastian gave him a glare. They were back at the house and Soren was making sandwiches, for him and Rupert.

"Can't say, what it was, all right." Soren focused on the meal.

"Just like that? You really are in love?" Sebastian glared at him waiting for the truth.

Soren nodded.

"You've let him change you." Sebastian observed.

"Dunno. Can't say I've noticed." Soren looked at him a bit puzzled as he put on more pickles.

"I've noticed. You're different." Sebastian informed him. He went to the fridge for a glass of juice.

"I needed a change." Soren said quietly.

"And what will you do, once it grows old?" Sebastian looked back at him.

"It won't." He sounded so sure of himself. He cut the hoagie sandwich in half then and reached for a bag of crisps.

Soren watched him. He slightly smiled, but he didn't want to admit to Soren that he liked the change in him. At least he felt more comfortable around him now.


Cait said...

I like the end of this.

ellie said...

hahaha..well, must be a relief for Sebastian. Because, I know there was a time that Soren wanted him badly.

Lon and Ellie said...

Its cool that Soren feels that way about Rupert.

Holly said...

I'm glad Soren has changed.