Wednesday, February 10, 2010

just a dinner date

Sebastian made a face when he saw that his cousin Ingrid was calling. She was asking him and Anita to dinner. She was the last person he wanted to see. Really, he needed an excuse not to go.

"We're going." Anita informed him.

"Must we?" Sebastian was quite soured on the thought. "It'll be awful. I know it will. I don't think cooking is one of her skills."

"I'm afraid to ask what her skills are." Anita pursed her lips as she was on her lap-top downloading music.

"You'd rather not know." Sebastian shook his head. "I give this with Cecil a couple weeks or so. She'll be done with him. She'll move on." Sebastian really didn't have much faith in Ingrid's relationships. She was rather peculiar in her courtships.

"Who do you think she might find?" Anita was curious.

"Hopefully, no one I know." Sebastian hugged himself.

"Maybe she's changed." Anita slightly smiled.

"Highly unlikely. She thinks rather highly of herself and what she accomplishes." Sebastian told her.

"Like what?" Anita wanted to know.

"I dunno. She likes to travel. She likes money. She likes pretty things. But suddenly, she's gone grunge, you know. Dunno what its about Cecil that attracted her so. Perhaps he's good in bed." Sebastian smirked.

"Or the tattoos." Anita shrugged.

"Well, she hasn't gotten one, now has she?" Sebastian looked at her blankly as if perhaps Ingrid would never commit herself to Cecil, completely.

"Cecil really has enough for the both of them." Anita told him.  Sebastian shook his head. He could never see  his cousin getting a tatttoo.


ellie said...

I don't think anyone likes ingrid.

Holly said...

funny how he feels about his cousin.

another skin said...

I started a skins fan fic.

elliestories said...

I can understand why he's like this with Ingrid.