Tuesday, February 23, 2010

its settled

"Do you think we should have followed him?" Monty asked a while after Ian left. He hadn't called as of yet.

"We've no business being on the road, mate." Fletch grinned. After all, they were getting high. They had the house to themselves, even if they were in Monty's room smoking.

"You're right." Monty smiled. "We've no business on the road."

It wasn't long... they were putting smoke into each others mouths. Kissing. Having a good time.

"You know, I can hardly feel her, anymore." Monty winced.

"Feel who?" Fletch squinted.

"Gemma." He croaked.

"Oh yeah." Fletch laughed in a daze. "She was fun. Quite fun."

"Fucking fun." Now he had Monty laughing. "It was best, family ever had, in fact."

"A family?" Fletch questioned.

"I think." Monty nodded, all philosophical. "I never really had one. Been in an orphanage, all my life."

"Really?" Fletch looked at Monty. They were in bed.

"A real shame, we can't all be together." Monty was serious.

"Well, I'm here for you, mate." Fletch smiled.

"Yeah, you're here for me. But will Gemma ever really be there for anyone?" Monty squinted. He took in the cigarette as if he was in love with it. There wasn't a thought in his head. Least of all, a thought about Gemma. He was feeling disgustingly happy now.


elliestories said...

That's so sad about Monty,

Winnie said...

Oh I wonder how Monty's upbringing would have affected him?

ellie said...

You do have to wonder about his values..now...& could there possibly be a family of some kind in the works???