Monday, February 1, 2010

in the thick of it

It was mess. This thing with Benji and her brother. Katy just couldn't quite come to terms with it, actually.

"Well, the good news is, babe," Maxie kept saying again and again. "They won't be hauling you off to jail." He was all smiles, but Katy couldn't smile about it. Benji was still going to jail. It seemed he'd been on a crime spree at some of the art museums with Warren in Spain. There was a warrant for his arrest. Katy couldn't believe it.

Sweet and kind hearted Benji was an art thief.

"How can that be!" She was stunned. She wouldn't put anything past her brother. Lord knows, just how many he'd put in the river, already, but Benji. "It just can't be." She was full of grief. "I should never ever got him involved. What a loon I've been?"

Maxie could hold her and console her as much as she wanted, but she felt a might guilty that it was her fault that Benji was in jail. He'd had such bliss with Simon and then this to unravel so quickly.

She looked to Jamie to see if he could help. She knew he had a knack to get people to see differently about many things. One minute they didn't like something, send him in and he'd change their minds. Such persuasion in that smile of his, she supposed.  Perhaps he could use a magic touch or what ever he did to sway the police into releasing Benji.

"Sorry, I wish I could. But, no, I can't help. I wouldn't touch this one if you paid me to be a millionaire." Jamie just shrugged.

"Poor Benji, what will become of him?" He was going to prison.

"Dunno." And she truly believed him. She just wished she knew what to do for Simon. She thought of Maxie then.


heath and nick said...

I dunno if I should feel bad for Benji or not.

Holly said...

I'm glad Jamie is leaving it alone. Hmmm..I don't know what she's expecting Maxie to do.

cass and cady said...

Too bad Jamie couldn't help.