Thursday, February 18, 2010

in a stew

Well, the clock was ticking.

Sebastian suppose it could have ended with a morning after pill, but it didn't. They were going to wait it out. See if there was news that Anita might be pregnant, again. Surlly not. He kept telling himself. It couldn't be true. Wouldn't be. But if it was. Well, it was for the best.

He had it all planned out what to say, and then he got the news about Grandpa Leo.

"He what?" Sebastian was stunned. Shocked. Suddenly, it wasn't so terrible what news they heard about Anita and their dilimma.

"Well, you have to get him away from her, right now!" Sebastian demanded when his father told him that his gramp hadn't came home. He told him he'd stayed over at Ingrid's.

"What on earth for!" Sebastian scowled.

"Well, he didn't really say." Jamie evidently thought it was funny.

"Oh, I'm sure they, at best played chess all night long!" Sebastian was in a tizzy, just the same. Jamie choked on his coffee he was trying to drink.

"Chest more like it." He could barely bite his tongue.

"Good God! No!" Sebastian gritted putting his fingers in his ear.

"Well, you have been far more worried than any of us. I'd be more worried about some other possibility that has more to do you with you and Anita." Jamie assured him.

"Don't shove it to me like that, we have no idea, as if it could possibly happen, again." Sebastian wish he'd just hush on the pregnancy scare.

"I think its destiny." Jamie lightly smiled.

"Oh, do you?" Sebastian hugged himself then as he looked at the pastries, but he couldn't eat at a time like this. Sebastian could feel his insides shaking. He didn't know what bothered him most. Gramp with Ingrid or the chance of the reality of being a teenage father.

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ellie said...

Sebastian definitely doesn't like Ingrid with his grandpa.