Tuesday, February 16, 2010

fortunately possible

Ingrid couldn't be happier. Cecil had been called away to London. Something about his cousin, or little sister or something. He was gone and there was no one on Valentines day for her.

As it was, she'd been intrigued by Leo's kindness. She felt so warm and giddy around him. Could have been the alcohol. Seriously, she didn't think that was it, completely. She loved his voice. His unusual eyes that might have put anyone else off, but her.

He was mesmerizing, and she didn't see an old man when she looked into his face. His hands were still gentle, and there was something so tender about him. Something she missed so much of. And the fact that he might possibly be rich. She hoped. She really needed someone with a shit-load of cash. As sad as it was, no one wanted her art. And she was never really a student of the academics. Just one of human nature, and she felt so with Leo.

He drew her in with so much he knew about the galleries and the museums. Truly, a classic that she couldn't forget. So she was happy when he took her up on her offer to come over. She'd kissed him with delight right away.  But they'd spent a good portion of the evening, drinking red wine and listening to his stories about places he'd been around the world.

Soon enough, they were exploring each other. Or perhaps, letting him explore her. At first, she wanted him to see what she had to offer. It was so different, yet cozy and dreamy. He was quite good in bed and it wasn't even intercourse.

Perhaps two men could satisfy her, after all.

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