Thursday, February 25, 2010

everyone needs a helping hand, sometimes

"So you know my brother?" Paddy's question came clearly to Ian a few days later. He was sober, sort of at the time they talked.

"I haven't seen Maxxie in ages. My little brother. I just thought he was off, smooching off some high society bird, and he didn't have time for me." Paddy had told him.

Ian said he never knew Maxxie had a brother.

"Well, we don't see each other much. I took care of mum. He took care of Dad. We just never spent the holidays together, much after the divorce. Mum and Dad split us up. Then I hear, he's not even with Dad. Fell in with the wrong crowd, you know, I just never got around to looking him up. Mum never liked me to mention him. And you know, after awhile, well, you just go with the flow."

Naturally, Ian invited him back. Told him he had a place he could stay if he wanted to come to the village. But Ian never thought Paddy would take him up on the offer. Wasn't like they had a one off or anything. Just a chat. Played some pool, sang songs with old men at the bar. Yeah, a real winning night Ian would soon for get. He ended up sleeping in Shou's car that night alone.

And now Joey had showed up on Ian's door-step.

"I'm here to take you up on that offer." Paddy was all grins.

Ian just wished Paddy didn't look so much like Maxxie. It wasn't going to be easy having him around.


ellie said...

oh boy...what could this mean? I'm glad Paddy is there. He does need to see Maxie.

ivy's closet said...

He's cute and so Maxie's brother.

Holly said...

cool..that his brother is here..I wonder what this could mean?