Tuesday, February 9, 2010

even so

Kelsy, decided to put Ingrid on the spot. Just what was she up to with her brother.

"Why so protective?" Ingrid looked hurt with her questions, but she'd been cordial enough to serve her tea and biscuits when she came over.

"What? He's my brother. He's been hurt, and you fixed it so he'd walk right out of the best thing in his life, Franny." Kelsy was cold. She couldn't help but be a little warey of her.  "Do you plan to marry him?"

"He hasn't asked." She did her best to look so innocent there in Franny's old kitchn. Kelsey didn't buy it.

"He's not worth much, you know." Kelsy laid it out for her. "He's barely making ends meet as it is with this passion of his. Can you make do with someone of the like? Hmmm?"

Well, that set Ingrid into almost spilling tea in Kelsy's lap. Kelsy just smiled.

"Figured as much. You want a sugar-daddy to take care of you. Is that it?" Kelsy glared at Ingrid as if she better come clean.

"No, of course not. I love Cecil. I do." She winced then. "I will stick by him. He's my man, no?" She threw in a little French for good measure, Kelsy supposed. She sat there listening to the slapper with her arms crossed. She really didn't like Ingrid.

Perhaps she saw a little of herself in the girl. Kelsy thought she would have never stooped so low as to stealing someone's man like Ingrid had. But Kelsy drank her tea and ate at the treats. She would try not to hate her. It would take so much out of her to try her best to get to know her, but she felt she had too for her brother's sake.


elliestories said...

Kelsy needs to know. She is with her brother.

Nick and Heath said...

I can understand why she'd be worried about Ingrid.

Ailee Verzosa said...

i can't wait for the next post...

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Meg said...

I like it hen siblings look out for each other.

elliestories said...

I think she has every right to tear into Ingrid.

Holly said...

she's a good sister.

ellie said...

Kelsy is the mother hen sometimes..but I like her.