Sunday, February 28, 2010

could it be true

"Well, the offer still stands, doesn't it?" Paddy was all smiles. "Just thought I might take my chance, see that brother of mine before its too late, you know."

"Of course," Ian let him in as if he could be good company.

Paddy already knew he could be. After that kiss from another night. Not that he had pushed on from it. He hadn't. He thought it best they get to know each other first. He had had enough one offs to last him a life-time. And who knows, possibly, Ian had had enough of them two. This sort leveled the playing field, perhaps.

Well, Paddy would take a chance, see what this was all about. And if he liked then he might stay for awile.

"Nice." Paddy gave him a nod on the digs. It was a right nice comfort for an old place. Some one had been kind to it with tender loving care. All new appliences. Paddy liked that.

"You know, your brother is just next door." Ian told him.

"Is he?" Paddy grinned. "Well, that's just peachy, isn't it?"

"How long has it been?" Ian winced.

"Years. Its been a bugger of a time, trying to track him down, you know." Paddy just grinned as if a bit longer wouldn't really matter now.

"Then, by all mean, I wouldn't want to keep you from him." Ian's eyes opened wide.

"But I wouldn't mind if you did." And when he stared into Ian's face he knew exactly what Ian thought when he looked at him.

"Oh, but he and his wife have a new baby and, and I believe her name is Gracie."

"Gracie." Paddy crossed his arms. "And his wife might be?"

"Katy." Ian nodded.

Paddy just grinned thinking Ian really didn't like her much, now did he? Paddy just chuckled. It never accured to him until now that his brother just might be a little gay.


ellie said...

interesting observations by Paddy.

Holly said...

I have to wonder what's on Paddy's mind for Ian.