Saturday, February 6, 2010

the bitter pill

Franny thought she heard a distant laughter in the street. What could it ever be? Rhys of course, drunk as  a skunk.

"I remember you!" He was quite daft and possible on more than just booze. Franny gave him an odd look that he'd just as well get out of her sight for she saw right through him. Naturally, there was Bart in her arms. He would never know his father. She was certain of it. It wasn't that she hadn't tried. It was just not feasable, evidently.

"What's going on?" She'd met up with Randy who had just taken an exam to get him into the system at the hospital. He'd be a nurse's assistant soon. They were going to celebrate.


"Do yo know him?" He asked.

"Used too." She really wanted to leave it at that, but felt she had to come clean. No spiderwebs would be left in the attic of her past if she and Randy were going to make a go of it. "Bart's father, all right."

"Oh." They walked on. "Wasn't he hit by a bus or something?"

"Or something." For all she knew. "He chooses to forget." She sounded dull about it. There was no news in talking about it.

They went into the Black Cat then. Nico had stayed with Sasha and Leia. They were making cookies. They would have dinner and hopefully, Bart would not be too fussy.

Of course, Rhys had followed them in. He was not finished with their conversation. Naturally, Franny didn't even know they were having one.

"Hey, I know, I know you, who are you!" Rhys demanded.

"Nobody worth remembering." She bit an angry smile. She'd had enough of him.

"You were at the hospital, weren't you?" Rhys smiled.

"Yes," she nodded. So thats what this was about. "I work there."

"I haven't seen you in while," he said so child-like, and she felt sad she'd been bitter with him.

"I guess you are staying well?" She looked at him then as if she was just a nurse.

"Yeah." He smiled. "Is this your little one?" He wanted to know.

"Yes, only six months old." She nodded.

"Big lad, indeed." Rhys nodded.

Franny thought she might have a melt down.

"Who's this?" Rhys gave a nod to Randy.

"My, my boyfriend." She quickly said.  She thought of making something up, but that was enough.

He shook hands with Randy as if he might be a salesman of some kind.

"Its good to see you." Rhys' smile was faint.

"Glad you're better." Franny kept her smile very small. She supposed this might be a once a year visit. She couldn't think of the next time she might see him.


ellie said...

I feel sad for Franny, but I'm glad she's got Randy.

Meg said...

Wow, that was hard for Franny!

Holly said...

so sad, poor Franny. I wonder what will happen to Rhys.