Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a bit lost

This would be hard for Cecil to explain. How he woke up with someone new in London.

He'd just about lost it with this Robbie Mack guy. Honestly, Cecil had to wonder if it was worth getting mixed up in this music maker's practices. As it was, he hadn't seen Gemma, yet, and really the trip was a lost cause, as he thought about it now.

Except, for meeting up with an old friend of his mother's. It was quite a shock, actually. She was the last person he expected to find at a club that he'd gone off to, after his little angry meeting with Rob who wasn't just being stuck with what to do with Ian and the band. He said he just couldn't make it work. And now they were in a fix. He wouldn't let anyone else produce their music, either. A technicality. They had a contract. It was so unfair. How was that even possible?

So he was a bit pissed. He felt down on is luck. He was in London. Ingrid was back home. And here this person was that knew exactly who he was.

"I haven't seen you since, what? Elementary?" She was all smiles. And the way her eyes lit up, it made Cecil smile, too. She brought up sweet memories. How his mother was, but still so much a mystery to him. He felt as if he'd never known her at all. They had a few lagers. Before he knew it, they were back at Nave's place. Possibly, drunk on stupidity, but none the less, he forgot she was completely his mother's friend. Evidently, she'd forgotten his past too. No one was talking about childhood memories, now. He'd spent the night and woke up with a hangover.

Luckily, the last place they shagged was the bed. Otherwise, he could have woke up on the kitchen floor.

"I know what you need." Nave informed him. "Green tea and lots of fruit to cleanse yourself."

He had no intention of doing anything else with her. But he was very well lost in London now. There were definitely not enought strawberries nor blueberries to do the trick. His head throbbed, and he felt ill. Completely.

"Its a good thing I'm here so I can take care of you." Nave assured him. She was definitely not giving up on the idea.


selena st.john said...

This was an interesting development.
Nave seems great. :)

Holly said...

Cecil sure gets in to some predicuments.

Winnie said...

Oh dear!

ellie said...

Cecil ..Cecil..what will we ever do with him.

a jacob black tale said...

Cecil..he is something.

ivy's closet said...

He might be trapped!