Wednesday, February 3, 2010

about that

Ian supposed he had plenty time on his hands for Simon. But still, he was committed to Shou. He was. After all, Shou had got the house for him and the others. And besides, there was no one as amazing as Shou. It was just. He wasn't here. It was awful being without him even if their was Skype, and phone calls and the like. Ian felt all of a priest, lately. And it was not easy. It was terrible. He had no idea how hard it might be to stay to true to the one he loved the dearest. It wasn't as much fun as he thought it would be.

As it was, Fletch had Monty who were like two peas in a pod, lately. They neither pined for Gemma while she was away. They had their music and each other. And from all the noise, they were definitely into each other. Not that he was going to ask about it. He was doing his best to keep on top of things with the paperwork and schedules with Cecil and now Robbie Mack, who seemed to have taken what he wanted. Gemma. He didn't give a shit about the rest of them, obviously.

"And I was so sure, he liked you best." Gemma had informed him.

"That's quite all right, I understand." And he did. He was just a musician. Nothing special. He wished Gemma all the luck in London. He hoped it worked out for her. Of course, it left him in a funk of some kind which made him feel sure that all this sadness could muster up into something else if he was to console Simon. He just couldn't bare it.

Luckily, he found Quentin on a bar stool at the Black Cat.

"Aw, I heard about you and John Paul." He didn't want to mention, calling it quits. That would be dreadful to hear. "How you been?"

"I've been better, but I could be worse," Quentin sighed.

"You didn't come back to Hollyoaks just to get John Paul back, did you?" Ian thought he should ask.

"Sorry, no, my family is here." Quentin shrugged.

"Family?" Who were they? Ian was puzzled.

"My sisters. A nephew, too." He nodded.

"Well, that's nice." Ian was relieved about that.

Just then Simon popped down for a drink with Ian who greeted him with a smile.

"Oh, look at the time." of course, Ian had to get out his cell just to check. "Have you met Quentin?" Ian just smiled and left it at that. Something had come up. Really, he hadn't the heart to be there completely for Simon. Maybe he'd never know just what a prat he was for a mate.


Ailee Verzosa said...

Hello, I've been busy these past few days... Good thing my mom and dad are back in each others arms again after two years of separation... Want to know more, visit my current post.... (Dad's Seattle and Vancouver Trip)


ellie said...

Ian must have a lot on his mind about his music..and then being let down that way. Gemma getting the thumbs up and all. But still..he needs to be there for Simon.

cait said...

Makes me think of the Barney game on How I met your mother....

past the point said...

I think Simon will be OK..sort of.

Holly said...

Maybe it'll go better now. Maybe.

fan fic said...

Ian is so fickle. Poor Simon.