Wednesday, January 6, 2010

you have the same effect

Franny signed the divorce papers right away. There was nothing to contest. She honestly never wanted to see Cecil's face. Not that she hated him, but that she might cry, to think he should do such a cruel thing.

Why had she trusted him so?

"Don't cry," Randy said as soon as she sealed the envelope for delivery. "You won't regret doing it. You won't."

So she soon let him make her forget, and he was right, it was time to move on. It didn't really bother her so much what his mother thought of her. After all, the woman hadn't exactly been honest with Randy. And besides, he needed someone on his side just as much as she did.

"I might as well invest in your future then," she said rather coy a week or so later. "You should take more test in the medical field. With a little revision, you might find yourself a technician of some kind before you know it." She'd looked his grades. She knew what he was capable of.

"I'm just not that good with people." Randy shook his head.

"Nonsense, you're very good with children and your kind and sweet." Of course, she kissed his troubles away then. She was confident Randy could make something of himself. "I'll find you a job in the hospital. You'll see, it won't so horrible, and you'll feel better when you've helped someone."

"If you say so." Randy smiled.

She found faith in his smile, his hands. Franny closed her eyes thinking of their future, and it felt like a warm bliss which made her smile all the more.


ellie said...

I'm glad she's helping him.

mazzie may said...

they do need each other.

Jules said...

this is such a terrible time for Franny. I'm sure she'll get by :)

the oaks said...

thanks so much for the comment Jules!

elliestories said...

Hopefully, she'll be better off with Randy.

past the point said...

Randy has changed so much. Hope she can trust him.

a jacob black tale said...

I'm glad she's helping Randy.