Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what's he good for

Seriously, Sebastian was full of questions for his gramp, but he didn't know exactly where to start. At least, he was back on track with Jamie and nothing more had been said since Jaime's accusations. Sebastian just considered him drunk now and it was nothing. No apologies, yet he felt at ease with him now.

But when he watched Gramp Leo, he couldn't help but look at Jamie too and see how closely related his mannerisms were to his father. Sebastian didn't have that with Jamie and it bothered him some, but not much.

"So you've been well?" Sebastian started thinking he should have talked about the weather instead.

"Yeah, perfectly." Gramp Leo gave Sebastian an open smile. "Where the devil you been, lad? Your father keeping you away from me and all."

"Uh, school." Sebastian found himself saying. Wasn't an exact lie. Yet he felt Jamie was feeding him all this through his mind. He just couldn't help himself but to be Jamie's puppet at the moment.

"And how's that going?" His grandfather wanted to know.

"Could be better." Sebastian nodded as he studied him wondering if Jamie had just conjured him up some how for a test of some kind.

"Isn't that always the case." The old man smiled, dug into this wallet then and pulled out a hefty some of money for him.

Sebastian was astonished. He took it that the old fart needed a place to say. As if he had nothing on him but the old gray suit on his back.

"Thank you." He looked at Jamie then thinking he should give it to him instead.

"Don't spend it all in one place now." Gramp Leo grinned.

"I won't." Sebastian promised.

"I like you, boy." Gramp Leo messed with Sebastain's thick locks then. Sebastian just smiled.


Holly said...

cool they get along so well.

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elliestories said...

He definitely sounds like a pretty good grandpa!