Sunday, January 10, 2010

what's cooking

Soren should have guessed it. It was right stuffy at Rupert's flat. His Dad barely looked at him over his reading glasses. He was consumed with the newspaper or so it seemed.

Soren followed Rupert into the kitchen. It was clean enough to eat right off the counter, he supposed. So tidy and clinical.

"Do you cook?" Soren looked at Rupert as he leaned there at the kitchen counter. Naturally, Rupert stared back as if cooking really wasn't on his mind.

"Not that much." He said so slowly that Soren wondered just why he took his time to say it.

"Well, surely you can make do, can't you?" Soren opened cupboards then as if he'd have to do the cooking, after all. He was beginning to think the bloke was a bit deceiving. There were lots of packaged foods to make.

"Aw, a pizza kit, sweet." Soren jerked it down. "How about this?"

"All right." Rupert crossed his arms.

"You do eat, don't you?" Soren eyed him. Just  how hard did he work at keeping that girlish figure of his?

"Yes, of course." Rupert winced.

"Good, then we'll make the damn thing...together..unless you have a better idea." Soren supposed Rupert wouldn't dare think of take away now.

"No, no, lets make a pie." Rupert nodded.

"Good." Soren got started with the warm water and the mix, before he knew it, his fingers were covered in goo. He flicked a bit on Rupert's nose, which astonished the poor bloke a bit which made Soren laugh.

"NO!" Rupert gave him a goofy smile and stuck his hand in the messy dough and got bits on Soren's cheek. He laughed as well, and they began to mess around as if  it were really good fun.


Instantly, they stopped. Soren's heartbeat raced as he saw Rupert's dad in the kitchen doorway.

"What's the ruckus?"

"Nothing." Rupert shook his head, no.

"Um, pizza. just pizza." Soren stared so innocently at the man who looked as if he hadn't smiled in ages.

"Keep, it down, will you? Rupert, you know how I feel about noise." He turned then to go back to his paper.

"Yes, father." Rupert sounded as if he were his whipping boy.

"Noise?" Soren scowled. These people had no idea what noise was, thought Soren.

"We should have gone back to your place." Rupert whispered as Soren went back to kneading the dough, adding more flour, so as it was a ball ready to be stretched out on the pizza pan that Rupert finally found.

"Is that why you haven't any mates? Because of him?" Soren looked at him then.

Rupert didn't smile, but shrugged.

Soon they got the sauce on the crust as well as lot of white shredded cheese that was in the fridge.

"Anything to put on the bugger?" Soren asked.

"Mushrooms?" Rupert got out a can.

Soren started to laugh, but he was thinking of some other kind of mushroom that made one giddy and fun, but he supposed Rupert would have no idea what those kind were.


ellie said...

I definitely think Soren cares for Rupert..which I don't think he was like that before with anyone.

simon n josh said...

boys will be boys.

cass and cady said...

what are dad's for. made me smile.