Friday, January 1, 2010

something new and something old

Had they really stayed in bed that long?

Packages were still under the Christmas tree. Sebastian swore time had stood still or maybe they'd just slept a lot.

"I think we missed Christmas dinner." Sebastian told Anita as they come up the stairwell to the kitchen. It was early morning. The first ones up for a brand new year. The kitchen was cold and dark. Sebastian went to boil water for coffee. He was determined that Anita needed pure coffee from a French press while Anita went to the parlor to see if Maxie might be there.

"Come quick!" She tip-toed back to the kitchen.

"What is it?" Sebastian winced.

"There's a very old man sleeping on the sofa in the front room," she whispered.


"I don't think he's suppose to be here." She hugged herself in her baggy pajamas.

"All right, I'll take a look. Perhaps, Soren accidentally let him, you know." Sebastian shrugged as he went to investigate.

Just like Anita said, there he was sleeping so soundly on the old sofa that Maxie rarely let anyone sit on. Sebastian looked at his face. There was something so familiar about his face. He couldn't get over the fact how much he looked like Jamie.

Sebastian grimaced not wanting to touch him. He went back to the kitchen to make the coffee.

"I'm sure he's no one," he said to Anita. "No one of interest."


mazzie may said...

This is definitely an interesting turn of events!~

fan fic said...

wow..who could it be???

ellie said...

very interesting...

elliestories said...

This should interesting. Really.