Saturday, January 23, 2010

she's here

Maxie felt as if it had been ages that Katy had been in pain. He could hardly stand to hear her cries, and he had no feeling in his hand anymore from where she'd gripped it. Really, when the nurse said it was time, he couldn't hardly wait, and then it was still a good thirty minutes before the babe's arrival.

A girl. And she was pink and wrinkly and not a hair on her head. Maxie just smiled as he held her. He couldn't possibly think who she looked like. Of course, she sucked on her fist. It was impossible to make out her mouth. But it was the shock of having this living thing in his arms. He could hardly believe it was his. Actually, almost unbelievable. But it felt good to feel her weight and her movements. He was instantly in love.

"What shall be her name?" He asked her. But Katy only mumbled. She was practically asleep now.

"What did you say?" He listened as hard as he could, but again she only mumbled, and he wasn't sure what she said.

Maxie let Katy have her rest and went to the nursery with the baby. They gave him hand's on instruction on how to take care of the infant. He was so happy yet groggy himself. But really, he needed a name for this sweet little thing. He didn't want to dare put her in her crib until he had a name. He thought of celebrity names and such. No way was he going to name her a fruit or a thing. Maxie then smiled. Why hadn't he thought of it before. The baby would be Grace. Plain and simple. Now he hoped Katy was OK with it. Well, they'd call her Gracie, he then thought.


elliestories said...

that was cute...and I love the name Gracie.

ellie said...

so sweet.

Holly said...

good for them!

Meg said...

Gracie is a really cute name!

Anonymous said...

Awww so sweet. Gracie really is a pretty name!