Sunday, January 3, 2010

quite so

Every bone must have ached in Cecil's body. He could hardly lift his head up. He'd been with Ingrid all of New Year's and then some. Did she ever tire, he thought.

"Lass, what ever are you on?" He winced.

She'd gone down on him once more, and he hadn't even been awake for that. Really, he's always wanted someone interested in such a sexiness about him, but this was a bit too much.

Her smile was quite devious as if she could do it once more if he'd just let her. He smiled back as if he could learn to live with it, even so.... he was sore and tired and possibly coming down with something. Really, he'd sort of over done it with getting a line up at the underground at the Black Cat. As it was though, Ian had to get Monty to play with them and they'd had to find a new lead singer for their band, his cousin Gemma who was actually pretty lethal when it came to lashing out her hormones on stage.

Another shocker. Truly, there might be a silver lining to the rock'n roller business, after all. That is if he kept his nose clean and investors on the up and up.

He laid back on his pillow. He mumbled something about breakfast, but he was soon back asleep. Next thing he knew she was brining him coffee in bed along with toast and eggs. Cecil rose up on elbows. It couldn't possibly be this good for Franny now. It made him a little sad at the thought he'd left her with two kiddies to take care of. Granted, she had that boy to help, but seriously, he was sure she was not getting the proper care she probably needed. But the thought came and went, really, he was quite delighted with all of Ingrid's tricks.


mazzie may said...

cecil may not be as happy as he thinks.

ellie said...

This Ingrid must be something.

cait said...

yes, i did about rosco... oh my, is cecil sure he wants to start something with her???

Winnie said...

Something tells me that Franny will need some help!