Saturday, January 9, 2010

possibly so

Anita supposed everything was back to normal. Everyone seemed to be treating each other with kindness. And Sebastian's grandfather reminded her a lot of Jamie. It was sort of fascinating to see them in a discussion. Their mannerisms were so much a like and both were so calm about each other. She wasn't quite sure if were an act or not. A part of her thought they were on their best behavior around Sebastian. Otherwise they might be ready to cut each other's throats.

"Well, you can get to know him now." Anita coaxed Sebastian into having some alone time with Gramp Leo.

Sebastian gritted a smile as if he was in no hurry to know his grandfather.

"Its not like he's snubbed you, now has he?" Anita thought they'd both stayed in her room long enough. "Do something with him."

"Like what?" He scowled as if he'd rather have his head stuck in a book. He had been revising for the longest while now.

"The cinema, perhaps." Anita looked at him.

"What could we see?" Sebastian hugged himself.

"Lots to choose from with the holidays." She'd check it out on her laptop.

"Then you have to come too." He told her.

"I don't have to." She winced.

"But you do," He said. "If he wants to get to know me, then he needs to know you."

Anita found the web page. She couldn't help but smile. His words were a comfort to her. She supposed she could see a movie with them.


mazzie may said...

I'm glad he wants to include her.

ellie said...

Sebastian might really need for her to be there for him.

ivy's closet said...

I think they want to help each other now.

Meg said...

It's nice that Sebastian wants to include her.