Saturday, January 30, 2010

not quite bitter

OK, Sebastian knew how to change a nappy. He'd done it plenty with Risa around, but there was no sense in letting Randy know that. A part of him was proud that Randy knew this much about kiddies. May he would make a good dad. He never thought of this before, but he did now.

True, Franny had to be a good 5 years older than Randy, but still, she was good for him. He couldn't help but notice. Randy seemed more confident now about so much. Especially, this baby stuff. And besides, what were they suppose to talk about. Evidently, he had no qualms about being affectionate with her, either. Which surprised Newt the most. How was that possible?

Sebastian had always taken Randy as being devoted to only appreciating the male form. Evidently, not.

He pulled back just then as he noticed Jamie in the kitchen putting on the finishing touches of their little dinner party. Sebastian excused himself.

"Father?" Sebastian had been remaining rather formal with him since his grand-dad had arrived. "May I ask you something?"

"Ask away?" Jamie looked back at him.

"Was it you?"

"Now what have I done." Jamie hugged himself tightly as if Sebastian was putting him to some challenge.

"You know exactly what you're capable of." Sebastian glared at him.

"Of course, I know what I'm capable of," Jamie just smiled. "Do you?"

"Maybe." Sebastian gave him a stare.

"What is it?" Jamie looked him in the eye.

"You know, with Franny and Randy."

"There names rhyming? Don't think so." He went back to placing rolls in a basket then.

"God, don't be arse with me, you know, very well, Randy's gay." Sebastian squinted.


"And now he's not."

"So." Jamie shrugged.

"Well, is he really happy with her?" Sebastian almost snatched at a roll, but Jamie slapped his hand away.

"Have you asked him?"

"How could I possibly do that, aye?" Sebastian looked up at him.

"I guess we'll just see how long they endure. Isn't that the real test? What you go through with, with someone every given day?"

"I guess so." Sebastian shrugged.

"Well, then, you worry about yourself and who you love, and he'll do the same, I'm sure. That's all that, matters and we just have to be there for support, and of course happiness." Jamie handed him over a few rolls then, slathered in butter. "Give your friend a bite to eat. I'm sure we'll all starve before those birds come down to celebrate."

Sebastian smiled. He knew Jamie had powers, but he was afraid he'd never know exactly what he was capable of, nor how he came about them.


ellie said...

I liked his conversation with Jamie. Possibly, Sebastian will be wise of him.

Cait said...

I wonder if Sebastian will have powers..that he hasn't tapped in on yet...

cass and cady said...

I'm with Cait on this one.

Meg said...

That would be cool if Sebastian had powers too!

fan fic said...

hmm...that would be cool

Winnie said...

Actually that last thing that Jamie said was quite wise!

Holly said...

Is he just wise or is their more.

Nina said...


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