Sunday, January 24, 2010

not a moment to soon

"I love the name," Franny couldn't wait to hold the baby. She came by the nursery to see how Maxie was doing.

"You think Katy will?" Maxie squinted.

"I'm sure she will." Franny imagine.

"How you been?" Maxie looked at her so innocent. "I never see you anymore."

"Actually, I'm great. Just waiting for the divorce to be final." Franny nodded.

"Divorce? You and Cecil? Is there someone else?" Maxie wanted to know.

"Yes, there's someone else." She wasn't sure if talking about it in the nursery was exactly the place to do it. "But Cecil seems quite happy now, and I've found someone else too."

"So quickly?" Maxie winced.

"Yes, so quickly." She agreed. "But, I've never been better, actually."

"Really?" Maxie almost smiled.

"Yes, I'm happy now. Really, Randy makes me happy." She nodded.

"Well, bring him around, will you?" Maxie was serious.

"Sure, sometime soon. Well, not too soon. You all three need your rest." She smiled and handed the baby girl back to him. She guessed she'd need to find a gift for a baby girl. Funny, how she'd always wanted a daughter, but had two sons. She supposed she'd just have to be content.


ellie said...

I love Franny. & I like her with Randy too.

Anonymous said...

Divorces are sad...but if Franny's happy that's all that matters.

a degrassi moment said...

Franny gets with Randy. Lets hope it lasts!

heath and nick said...

aw, I hope they can all stay friends.

Winnie said...

Well I hope things work out!

Ailee Verzosa said...

it makes me depressed when i hear someone divorces...

Meg said...

I'm glad the divorce is making Franny happier.