Thursday, January 14, 2010

looking in from the outside

Rupert caught himself smiling in his sleep. Naturally, it was all Soren's doing. He remembered his smile. His lips on his shoulder, how his hands touched him so.

He caught his breath then wishing Soren was still here in his room with him. That was days ago, and it still felt as if he'd just been with him. Rupert wish he'd call. What if none of this meant anything to him?

Rupert sat up then and looked for any text in his cell. Nothing.

How could he be so cold? How could he?

Rupert laid back on his pillow, feeling a part of him might break as he left the cell on his night stand and his palms pushed away the warm tears in his eyes. He'd never felt this way about anyone before, and it hurt. It hurt so much. How could he have let himself melt so?

He took a deep breath and got himself showered and changed. He moved quickly, barely said hello to his dad reading the paper in the kitchen. He was out the door without even a bite of toast. Rupert decided he'd pop around and see what was up with Soren. Perhaps he was...well, what if he did meet up with a footballer, after all? What if Soren couldn't handle someone quite so delicate as himself?

Wasn't that they were doing it. Completely, as of yet. Snogging was what they did best. And the exploring, but, his eyes tightened. This was shit, he kept thinking to himself. Just shit. Leading him on to have a good laugh, was he?

He found himself running now to the boarding house where Soren stayed. It was only a few blocks away, but the dead of winter and their were flurries shedding snow. Naturally, he was out of breath when he got there. Not that he was into sports, after all, he was quite a waif.

Someone in a school uniform let him in.

"You're a friend of Soren's, aren't you?" He looked to be related to Soren, or so Rupert thought.


Sebastian introduced himself.

"Is he in?"

"No." Sebastian shrugged downing the rest of his toast. He gave a shout toward the kitchen. "Did he say where he was going?"

Finally, there was someone else who shook hands with Rupert and introduced himself as Soren's uncle.

"I'm afraid, my brother has him working." His uncle smiled. "Hadn't even, any minutes on his mobile, I'm afraid. Sorry."

Rupert tried to smile, feeling like a fool.

"No, no I'm quite sorry for the interruption." Rupert told them.

"Nonsense, stay for tea, will you?" He showed Rupert to the kitchen. Everyone seemed to be there. Someone with a baby. An old man, a girl in a school uniform. Another couple. It was so cozy and there were all sorts of things to eat. Rupert thought he might never want to go home now.


Cait said...

Oh, Rupert. Maybe things are better than he thinks.

Holly said...

Aw, I'm glad they embraced him, like that.

elliestories said...

Hopefully, he won't be sad soon.

ellie said...

Rupert definitely needs family.

Solo said...

i have a weird feeling about soren not being there? OMG! me and my stupid mind loL! can u imagine i am thinking soren is dead! lol!

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