Monday, January 11, 2010

a little challenge

It didn't take Soren long to wolf down the cheese pizza. He drank a good portion of the ale in the fridge as well. Rupert didn't say anything to him for the longest time, as he'd turned on the tele and popped in the dvd Borat, which surprised Soren that Rupert would have such in his DVD collection.

"Its always laugh, you know." Lord knows, how many times he'd watched it, but Soren would find a new laugh every time. But finally he turned to Rupert, there on the floor next to the bed. "What? Did I take too much?"

Rupert sat almost in a ball as if he were frightened.

Soren reached for the remote and clicked off the movie.

"What is it?" Soren leaned over and touched a lock of Rupert's blond hair and put it behind his ear. "I doubt he knows." Soren told him his old man didn't look suspicious of them. "Do you want me tell him about us?" Soren grinned so with a chuckle.

"No." Rupert squinted.

"Dear, dear, stop the worrying, it doesn't become you." He took his hand from him and leaned his head toward the mattress and watched Rupert. "Its not a big deal. Honest. We're as good as mates." Now he had his arms crossed.

"He doesn't really know me." Rupert let slip. "I don't even know him. I don't even know my own father."

"That's just the way it is." Soren shrugged. "You think I know mine any better? Of course not. Just enough to stay out of his way."

Rupert kissed Soren then as if he'd really wanted to all along.

"I'd just feel safer at your place." Rupert told him.

"But we're already here." Soren smiled. Besides, he loved a challenge and especially a secret. He bounced on the bed then. Laughed softly and watched Rupert's expression that maybe he liked it too.


ellie said...

I think Soren will be OK with him.

fan fic said...

they are so cute.

the oaks said...

I wonder what that means..Etra..I might not want to know..thanks for stopping by.