Friday, January 8, 2010

like a chain reaction

Every time I see you
Something happens to me
Like a chain reaction
Between you and me
My heart starts missing a beat

-pet shop boys

Rupert could hardly wait to show Soren the Tea Room.

"What the devil is this?" Soren didn't seem to mind they'd held hands on the bus and trapezed around in the snow hugging.

"Its where I work." Rupert sucked in a breath, seeing it didn't exactly catch Soren's fancy.

"Well, what ever will take care of the bills, right?" Soren looked him in the eye.

"Right." Rupert just nodded trying not to express how this had been his calling for the last year or so. Naturally, there was a big hen party going on in the dressing room.

"What exactly, do you do here?" Soren squinted. "Strip, for a living?"

"No, I'm...a director." He decided that sounded mature and what not. "These ladies, need direction when ....they put on their show."

"Ladies! My arse!" Soren scowled.

"Shuus, don't offend them, please." Rupert scowled back. Granted, they might not be so beautiful yet in drag.

"Sorry." Soren stared at him.

But Rupert clung on to his hand, he didn't let go. He brought Soren over to introduce them all to his beau.

Naturally, they made over Soren as if he were lovely, and the genuine deal, no doubt.

Soren let them pester him a bit. Finally, Rupert got them fruit drinks with vodka.

"So I'm just a show, am I?" Soren looked at him blankly. "You want them off your ass, now don't you?"

"No." Rupert winced. "I really, really-feel..I dunno."

Soren bit his bottom lip before a smile escaped him.

"Connected? Is that it?" He slyly made fun of him.

"Would that be so wrong?" Rupert couldn't tell if Soren was joking or serious.

"No." Soren remained even lipped.

Rupert looked at him in the flickering lights watching Soren with his drink as the music from the disco pulsed on. He so wanted to go back to Soren's place. Away from the crowd. He wanted to see him in the real light. Not like this.

"Why don't we go to your place?" Soren then smiled. "You have any cooking skills? I'm famished."

Rupert just nodded. He supposed there was no way of keeping Soren from his father.


ellie said...

That was funny when Soren asked him if he stripped for a living.

a degrassi moment said...

Poor Rupert..Sorne making him go to his place to meet his Dad. Interesting.

ivy's closet said...

Its good for Rupert to get teased a little.

Winnie said...

Intrigued about what's going to happen when Soren meets Ruperts dad!

elliestories said...

aw..won't that be fun. =D