Monday, January 4, 2010

a kind word

Sebastian wasted no time waking Sasha up. He wasn't so sure how he felt about talking to Jamie now. Had he told him lies? Just been drunk. Or was it all the truth? He just didn't know how to face him now.

"Can? Can you tell, Jamie, there's this a man sleeping on the sofa. I-I just thought he should know." Sebastian stared at Sasha surprised to see her back. Evidently, she'd made up with Jamie.

"Oh." She looked a little out of it as if maybe something passionate had happened and she just hadn't quite found her senses. "Sure, I'll let him know." She gave him a slight smile as she wrapped her robe around herself tighter.

Sebastian just kept staring, perhaps out of shock.

"Sorry, I just thought you two had had...a row." He pressed his lips tight.

"Its fine," she nodded. "Everything is fine, now, truly, and..and if..he upset you, Sebastian, it was my fault. He was, well, resentful, you know." She winced.

Sebastian just nodded.

"He'll talk to you about it, he will." She touched his shoulder then as if they were family and they needed to stick together.

"Sure." He gritted and turned back then.

"He loves you, Sebastian, he does, don't forget that." Sasha told him.

Sebastian just nodded, thinking it would be interesting to find out who this old man was, there was something odd about him, as if maybe he was suppose to know him.


ellie said...

I'm glad Sasha is there.

cass and cady said...

cool. he might be family.

mazzie may said...

it might be a nice surprise for all of them.