Wednesday, January 13, 2010

just a reminder

"I feel like I've been pregnant for ages." Katy told Sasha as she waddled from one room to the next just for a little exercise these days.

"That baby could pop any moment, you know." Sasha assured her.

"You think?" Katy grimaced at the thought, but she hated being such a cow. "What could do it?"

"Sex." Sasha suggested. "Are you doing it? You and Maxie?"

Katy looked at her wondering if she should really discuss the matter with her mate.

"Sometimes." She squinted thinking she was disgusting Maxie more than she should these days. "I'm not that desperate."

"Well, when it wants to come, I'm sure it'll happen. You know, Kel finally had Nancy." Sasha told her.

"Sid and Nancy." Katy shook her head. "Glad that wasn't me. Having kiddies, three months a part, wasn't it?"

"Something like that. I hear that's why Gemma promised herself never to have kiddies. Its genetic, I guess. The double uterus."

"She sounds like a sow." Katy winced. "I just want this over. I'm scared, you know. I really am." She hugged herself.

"What could possibly go wrong?" Sasha looked at Katy then, but all Katy could remember was how she'd smashed that brick into her brother's head, ending his life. She was consumed with guilt even if her cousin Benji kept telling her it was self defense. Was it really? She kept questioning herself. She definitely didn't want to shed light on that to anyone at the moment.


ellie said...

wow..I bet she's due.

Meg said...

I hope everything goes ok with the delivery.

Holly said...

must be exciting.

elliestories said...

I hope she has a good birth.

mazzy may said...

That's definitely a lot stress..