Sunday, January 17, 2010

its about time

Katy cringed in pain as she sat there in the floor in a puddle of water. Benji was under arrest for her brother's murder. She couldn't quite believe it. It couldn't be happening. Not now.

"Shit!" Maxie said first thing when he saw the mess. He got right on his cell to call the medics. He told them to come and where to go. When he slapped the phone shut, he bent down to see if she was OK.

"Are you all right?" He gritted.

Katy slightly shook her head.

"They'll be here any minute. It'll be just fine." He got her to rest on the bed.

"They've arrested Benji." She could barely breath. She had to tell him if it was the last thing she could say.

"What are you talking about?"

"My brother." She breathed out a wave of pain then. The baby was coming. "I-I killed my brother."

"What?" Maxie squinted.

"I did it." She gritted. "Its all my fault."

Maxie just nodded as if he'd nod to anything she said. Just then the sirens sounded and the medics were coming to take her to the hospital. They were in a rush, and nothing more was said of Benji.


Holly said...

That would be horrible to find out. I doubt Maxie is listening though.

ellie said...

What a time to tell Maxie this.

Cait said...

cool..they're having a baby!

Meg said...

Oh my gosh, that would be so stressful!