Tuesday, January 26, 2010

in an ocean of misery

"Does it make you mad that Randy won't talk to you, anymore?" Anita wanted to know from Sebastian. As it was, she needed a break from all the studying.

"Not really." Sebastian looked up from the psychology book he was reading. "He's moved on. So have I."

Anita nodded.

"Look, maybe he was just time spent, while I was waiting for you." He remained cool about it as if was a study of some kind, and the outcome hadn't harmed anyone.

Anita wanted to smile she really did, but there was so much she regretted. Would she always follow every whim? She had her back to Sebastian on the bed then. He put his book down and reached for her. His warmth wrapped around her like a beautiful blanket she wanted to hide in.

She felt his breath on her neck. Anita closed her eyes, a part of her was hungry to be with him, and yet she thought she was too bad for this. This was just not right. But when he kissed her neck, somehow a slight smile emerged. She couldn't think of any other place she'd want to be. There was no need to punish herself. Enough was enough. And she needed an anchor. Perhaps they could keep each other from drowning.


Solo said...

not quite sure about Randy...i need to read the previous posts :D

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ellie said...

I think a lot of things have changed..but maybe something remained the same, too.

holly said...

maybe they're stronger together now. I hope.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Holly, hope they are stronger. Liked the last paragraph. About the anchor and drowning. Very poetic.

mazzie may said...

well, I fell they've gone full circle..and I so love Sebastian.