Monday, January 25, 2010

home again home again

Randy had heard talk at school about Sebastian and Anita. He didn't know if it were true or not, but it sounded like something had happened bad. Anita had lost the baby. It was a shock, yet deep down, he should have seen it coming. He didn't want to think at all about his moment with Anita. It was so awful. Nothing like being with Franny.

He was glad that was behind him now. And honestly, he'd never felt so home before, being with her and her children. He could hardly wait to see her, again. As it was, he'd made dinner, fed the boys. He read Nico stories who had already had his bath.

When Franny got home he had dinner waiting.

"Um, smells good." She kissed him sweetly.

"I hope so." He went to dish out the stew while she tore a bit of bread to dip into the broth.

"I saw a brand new baby today. Just an hour or so old." She told him.

"Really? Anyone you know?" He studied her smile wondering what it could mean.

"Yes. We used to be such good friends." She nodded as she ate the bit of bread from the stew.

"Do you miss them?" Randy wondered if he'd taken her away from them, somehow.

"I did. But not that much, anymore." She smiled. "I promised we'd come around have dinner with them, once they're settled at home with the new baby."

"Well, then, I'm up for it." He smiled as she took his hand and put it against her cheek and kissed it. Randy couldn't help but smile.

It felt so instant. The stew was left on its own, because they were in bed having a go as if it might be a competition of some kind, just to find themselves in a sweat, afterwards. Randy grinned as he looked back at Franny as if maybe she wasn't finished yet. He almost laughed as she got on top. Really, she was exhilarating.


ellie said...

ooooh..pretty..looks like they're having lots of fun too.

Holly said...

They do know how to have a good time. I hope the boys were sleeping. =D the new header too.