Friday, January 15, 2010

guess what?

Soren hadn't an inkling that Colin was working up to this. Putting him in charge as the main chef during his leave of absence. Soren should of known it would have come to this. All those late nights of chatting him up about how he felt about sauteing and chopping. But here he was with tired shoulders, an aching neck, and it wasn't even time for the lunch rush. He was more of a cook than a chef, he thought. Although, Colin was sure he had more training in cuisine than he did.

"You'll do fine. I just need some time with my family. That's all." Colin assured him. They'd worked on all the recipies that Colin had on the menu. He'd made sure Soren knew what to do. But the bits he did know, hadn't prepared him from all the kitchen duty, just to get the day started.

Here he was, eating an apple now. He was so tired he could barely chew.

"Promise me, you'll do your best." That's all Colin wanted. He really wanted people to remember the food from the Black Cat. Honest to god, real pub food.

Soren just smiled now. It was a damn restaurant. Just go ahead and say it. If you wanted hearty pub food, then Shepherd's pie and fish and chips were all you needed on the menu, none of this sissy crap. He had a good mind just to give them a fat burger and American fries. That would do it. Something that simple wasn't even available.

He crossed his arms, thinking it just might be his signature dish.

"What are you thinking?" That bloke who'd been hanging around for ages that Soren suspected was hoping to get lucky with him.

"Nothing." Soren really didn't have enough time to give him. There was a lot at stake here. Food. Not having a shag in the loo. Besides, things had changed. There was Rupert to think about. Lord knows, he wanted to think about him, but with all these recipies floating around in his head from quiche to potato casseroles...he wanted to lay down and take a nap. He couldn't remember the last time he'd worked this hard.

"You sure about that?" The bloke introduced himself. He was Quentin.

"Well, there is someone." Soren had given up on eating that apple he was holding. He wasn't sure he wanted to tell this fellow that this certain someone gave him a smile and made him want to find a future in something. Soren felt for sure he had to make something of himself if he was going be any good to Rupert. Sore and all, to a hard day's work that was barely started, Soren knew it would worth it for Rupert.


past the point said...

Soren must definitely be in love.

Holly said...

Soren isn't as selfish as I thought he'd be.

ellie said...

good, he's working and well, I'm glad he's thinking of Rupert.

The Trendy Fashionista said...

Thanks for your comment!!!

-The Trendy Fashionista

Winnie said...

Haha too sweet!

Hope the weather is a little warmer where you are. The snow has turned to ice here after the things are still quite dangerous on the roads!

Ivy's closet said...

Soren's more mature than I ever expected.