Saturday, January 2, 2010

ever so slightly

Soren wasn't so sure he'd call this a one off. More of a sleepover, if anything, with Rupert. Honestly, he couldn't even tell himself why he'd spent so much time with the bloke. It was a bit unusual. He didn't actually want to have sex with him.

Perhaps it started when Rupert told him he had Daniel Radcliffe eyes.

"You're quite funny." Soren couldn't help but laugh at him.

"Its hard to take you serious when its like looking at Harry Potter with curls." Rupert informed him.

"You might as well be a girl." Rupert spat back as if it might be a fight. Only it wasn't. Not really. They ended up kissing instead. It was like the most fascinating thing to Rupert and after awhile Soren wondered what he'd gotten himself into.

Yes, there was just something irresistible about Rupert even if he were awkward and full of questions.

"Do you remember your first time?" Rupert wanted to know right in the middle of a snog session in Soren's bed.

"Vaguely."  Soren winked laying back on his pillow. "It was with a footballer. After practice. I'd been in a fight."

"How awful." Rupert made a face.

"No, it wasn't." Soren laughed.

"Then you weren't in love." Rupert laid next to him as if they might be under the stars contemplating their future.

"Hell, no." Soren chuckled.

"It must have been an awful time for you. Was he a bully?" Rupert wanted to know.

"He wasn't anything but a footballer, all right." Soren looked at him out of the corner of his eye. He felt a bit ashamed now. Only a bit. He didn't want to feel sad, but Rupert suddenly had made him feel so.

Rupert reached for him then and pulled him in with a kiss as if this time he'd know it was love. Really, love.


Cait said...

I think he's just what soren needed.

mazzie may said...

aw, love Rupert.

Meg said...

Rupert seems really sweet.

elliestories said...

I love Rupert.