Saturday, January 16, 2010

all to quiet

Maxie felt a faint thought in the back of his mind of Jamie. That he should be mad at him for some reason, but he wasn't. He couldn't be. He and Jamie were fine. Best mates, in fact.  Of course, he'd held on to a couple of secrets so long about Ian that he'd just about forgot him too. It was nice that it was that way. He supposed. Sort of.

He was at his best now when it came to Katy. It was great, and he couldn't wait to be a real Dad. Well, he was a bit of a part-time Dad to Tristan, but he would be a Dad soon. Maybe this week. Kelsey had her baby and well, it would be nice to be in the same boat, he thought. He hoped.

"Its takes awhile." Jamie smiled.

"What takes awhile?" Maxie squinted. He was in a tizzy over the nursery as it was. He wanted everything to be perfect.

"First the birthing, and then you getting back your same old Katy. Might not be the same, you know." Jamie teased as he helped put the finishing touches of paint on the yellow room.

"Whatever are you going on about?"

"Relax, its nothing intense, just nature taking its course. Then of course, comes the breast feeding and well, it goes down hill or is that up hill. Well, its a struggle, either way you look at it." Jamie gave him a quick smile.

"Shut it, will you. Don't need any negativity." Maxie informed him.

"Just tell'n you how it is." Jamie looked at him.

Maxie nodded. He knew it wasn't a bowl of cherries to tend to. This was a start of something brand new.

The phone rang then. Katy took it in the other room. It was so quiet then. When she screamed through the house, Maxie didn't know what to make of it. He guessed the baby was coming sooner than the thought.


CC said...

The story has certainly taken a very interesting turn! :)

CC said...

The story has certainly taken a very interesting turn! :)

elliestories said...

wow..that'll be great about the baby.

Holly said...

sounds like it might be happening.