Wednesday, January 27, 2010

after all

"Really, I want to know?" Sebastian couldn't make Anita stop with the questions about Randy. It felt as if she was either trying to find pieces to the puzzle or possibly destroy them. "What was it about him?"

"You won't believe me," Sebastian confessed who traced Anita's cheek with his finger, thinking it wasn't this possible they'd ever be this close.

"But I would." They were close. So close to letting other things evolve in bed, but she wanted to talk instead.

"Well," He pondered a bit wondering if she'd think he was a bit of a sad sod, indeed. "He wanted me. No one, ever quite wanted me like that." He winced. "It didn't really matter to me that he was a guy. Just the thought that this person truly wanted to be with me. That was awesome, in its self, so I just went with it."

"I thought it was just to get back at me." Anita shed a bitter smile, but she didn't pull away.

"Maybe." He sighed.

"It was just difficult, you know," Anita started to explain. "With Theressa. It was so childish now, now that I think on it.  I just wish I hadn't let her get to me. She used me."

"You were just mixed up. You know. Maybe we're more a like than we know." Sebastian smiled and kissed away what thought she might have that she was wrong. He knew she wasn't. Every kiss was a bit more strength they built within. Yes, Sebastian had to believe that. It made him happy that he'd been right about her all along. It was satisfying to know she was the one, after all.


ellie said...

maybe they've gone full circle and can be really happy now.

Meg said...

I hope they can be happy, despite all the stuff that's happened.

cait said...

Hopefully, they really love each other this time.

Anonymous said...

Building strength with each kiss. Very good!

Winnie said...

I hope they can be happy together too!

selena st.john said...

I really hope they can be happy again. :)
You just keep getting better and better