Tuesday, December 29, 2009

with any luck

Kelsy was trying her hardest to figure out what Sasha was telling her. She looked at her friend a bit confused.

"Don't you see, Jamie put a spell on me. Why would he do such a thing?" Sasha sniffed tears.

"You don't know the answer to that?" Kelsy shook her head. "Jamie wanted to protect you. He did. He would. We all know what a wanker that Rhys is."

Sasha just nodded as if she understood.

"Jamie's changed a great deal, indeed, and its been your doing, you know, he loves you, he wants to take care of you and Risa, I don't think he'd ever mean to harm you." Kelsy stroked Sasha's damp hair.

"Why did it come to me then? About Rhys?" Sasha looked at Kelsy. "He was erased from my memories completely, and then it happened. I remembered."

"Tell me, had Jamie been drinking?" Kelsy wanted to know.


"Sash, I guess its true, he can't hold his liquor." She smiled. "You see, he can conjure a rather powerful notion of persuasion. He can be so strong, but then he can become quite weak, just the same. He can be a slosh like the rest of us, dear. But its up to you. You like him this way? The drink could make him quite evil, you know, and well, adolescent and deviant behavior will commence, and you might as well forget your dear sweet Jamie if he keeps this up."

Sasha glared at her as if it were Kelsy who held all the power.

"Are you a witch or something?" Sasha winced.

Kelsy just smiled.

"Only in bed." She shook with laughter then. "Really, its Jamie who has finally found himself. Maybe it was in you that found it. He hasn't tried to take you away from anything."

Kelsy poured Sasha a brew then.

"Drink up," Kelsy said. "I'll look after Risa, you need to go to Jamie. I'm pretty sure he needs you about now."

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ellie said...

hhhaaa..only in bed..funny.