Saturday, December 5, 2009

waiting around

How could this be? How? Well, of course she knew how.

Anita held her breath. Then as she held it, it could possibly be murder, she supposed. What was she suppose to do. Something had happened. And she wanted to forget about it. She did. But it wasn't going away on its own.

She thought about calling Mia. But Mia would only advise pills. Which she'd been avoiding lately. A lot. She knew she shouldn't. It would be wrong. There had been enough of that already. It was time to straighten up her act.

Yes, she'd go alone to the hospital. It would be the wise thing to get checked out. To know what was ahead of her in the months to come.

So she took the bus. Found her way to the hospital. She couldn't remember the last time she was there. Actually. They'd changed things around. She went in through the emergency, accidentally. Of course, the door slid open and Anita stared at the people looking at her as if she should be injured. She wasn't. She almost decided to not do this today. Perhaps some other day. But who would be waiting there in the emergency room..but none other than Sebastian.

"What happened?" She was just as shocked to see him as he was her.

"Uh, just nothing you want to know about." He didn't sound himself. He was rather subdued, yet in some intense pain.

"It was kind funny." The darky curly haired bloke said who was with him.

"Shut it!" Sebastian snapped.

"I'm Soren Dean, Sebastian's, uh, cousin." He chuckled as he introduced himself.

"I'm going to be fine." He gritted. "Are you ill?"

"Not, exactly." She crossed her arms. And then she notice what happened. Something pink was in that zipper. "Maybe, I could wait for you." She tried to keep a straight face.

"It could be rather major, you know." Soren smiled.

"I can wait." She nodded.

Sebastian glared at her as the doctor called his name. He grimaced then as if this would be no fun at all.


e.l. said...

I wonder what Anita will do?

sid and violet said...

Oh, my..whats next? I didn't see this coming.