Saturday, December 26, 2009


Sebastian felt as if every fiber of his being had been pulled apart. He couldn't stop shaking as he hugged himself going back to Anita's room. He tried his best to absorb the truth. He couldn't quite believe it because it was true,,, he wanted Jamie to be his father. He'd always wanted it, even before he met him.

"What is it?" Anita had been keeping to herself with her sketches and doodles in her journal. She put down the book and went to him.

"I'll be fine." He just nodded as he nursed his upper lip.

"Did someone die?" She looked at him.

He found himself nodding. "Kind of, I guess." He winced. Tears flooded his face then and she held him. He put his arms around her. "Don't leave me. Promise you won't."

Anita nodded. She kissed his salty tears. They sat down on the bed, and he told her everything. Everything that he thought was true, but it wasn't, after all.


ellie said...

I do love the new header. Hope Anita will be there for him.

heath and nick said...

Honestly, I feel really bad for him.

cait said...

I think she has to really be there for him now.