Friday, December 25, 2009

unraveling the truth

Well, this was a fine time to lose his power of persuasion, Jamie thought.

"Hit me with another, will you?" He needed a drink. Hell, he'd just have the whole bottle of rum to himself.

"What the fuck is the yelling about?" Next thing he knew Sebastian appeared in his fog of consumption.

"We're having a party!" Jamie laughed as if it was a lonely one, but who cared.

"Sweets?" Maxie offered anyone who'd take them.

"What happened to Sasha? Where did she go?" Sebastian was concerned.

"She needed some fresh air." Jamie shook with laughter.

"What is wrong with you! You said you-" Sebastian glared at him as if Jamie was truly wicked, after all.

"Shut it! Little brother! That's all you really are to me." Jamie smiled. He didn't take his eyes off of him.

"What! You're drunk! Seriously, you are." Sebastian tried to take the bottle from him.

"And you are quite a bastard! A sad sod, you know, bitter through and through, aye." Jamie shrugged with a smile, pushed Sebastian away and drank up.

"Shut it!" Sebastian scowled. "You don't even know what you're going on about!"

"But I do." Jamie's eyes lit as he pursed his lips. "Seems you and I have the same mother." Jamie informed him. "And that puff of a brother of yours is really your father. Hasn't the guts to tell you, you know. Never has." Jamie grinned.

Sebastian just glared at him as if this was the worst Christmas ever.


ellie said...

Wow..what a way to learn the truth.

elliestories said...

I feel so bad for Sebastian.

cait said...

how could he be so mean.