Thursday, December 3, 2009

things to come

It was perfect.

Randy couldn't help but smile at the flat. Perhaps, a bit small, but only a few doors away from his mother's flat. He could sneak down, anytime, to be with Franny now. Of course, he breathed in her scent and knew he wanted her now, not later.

"Is it to your like'n?" He looked her over.

"Well," She walked around the empty front room. Her dressed flowed about her as if she were a flower for the plucking, he presumed. "Its lovely." She smiled back at him.

"Thank God." Randy beamed, picking her up and whirled her around in his arms. She was so light, a lot like a fairy, he supposed. Now he could breath easy, finally.

"I love you." He whispered in her ear. He Frenched her before she could answer. He thought they very well should christen this place in the only way they knew how. But there was no bed. Perhaps the kitchen counter would do.


ellie said...

wow..he really has it bad for her.

gossip girl gone vamps said...

I'm kind of glad Franny has him. But you know, what's up with Sebastian????

Cait said...

wooo..I had no idea Randy would go that far at finding her a place to live. Amazing.