Saturday, December 12, 2009

that matter at hand

"I just can't believe it," Sasha looked at Jamie as if it couldn't possibly be true about Anita and a baby on the way.

"Well, believe it." He sighed not wanting to say anymore.

"But, what's going to happen?" She winced as she went to Risa to hold her close. She thought of how young Anita was, especially, Sebastian. She was starting to cry for no reason.

"Dunno." He shrugged. "I was a little afraid that would happen with her parents. Just kicking her out. How could they? Isn't she adopted? Weren't they there for some unwanted pregnancy as it was? Its so strange where life can go. Maybe they'll change their mind once the shock wears off. But still they both have to face the fact and make a conscious effort about what to do."

"Well, if worse comes to worse, we could adopt it." Sasha looked at him.

Jamie looked up at her as if she might possibly get what she wished for.

"Lets not rush into this, all right. Maybe, they want to keep it. I'm sure no matter what, we'll be taking care of it." He seemed to end it right there.

Suddenly, she sensed she should be talking about Christmas trees. And she was. Just like that. It was like a bubble of happiness that floated into her mind. Christmas. She should be thinking about Christmas. Not this matter with Sebastian and Anita.

Sasha smiled. How did that happen. This pleasant thought as wonderful as perhaps some sort of freakish brain orgasm, like an amazing euphoria of good things to come.


a degrassi moment said...

wow, I'm glad they will help.

Lon and Ellie said...

Sasha is so sweet.