Thursday, December 17, 2009

a terrible time

"Sweets?" Soren sat with Sebastian in the emergency.

"No, I'd rather not." Sebastian winced. "Why are you here?"

"We're mates, I think." Soren shrugged.

"You're not helping, you know that, don't you?" Sebastian hugged himself.

"Well, at least, you know, its over." Soren shrugged as he sucked on a lollipop.

"Shut it! It isn't over." He noticed tears in Sebastian's eyes then.

"Its a miscarriage." Soren didn't know why he was so tore up. The lass hadn't been pregnant not that long. "You can forget all this and have yourself a dandy Christmas."

"I'm not. Don't give a fuck about Christmas. You! You should leave me alone." He wouldn't have a thing to do with him.

"Look," Soren fretted. "Sure I'm kind of ass."

"You are an arse." Sebastian looked him out of the corner of his eye.

"I mean well, I do." Soren went back to sucking on the sucker. "I want to help you."

"Yeah, as if fuck me over." Sebastian remarked.

"You're my cousin." Soren winced.

"Now that changes everything, does it?" Sebastian gritted, getting up then to pace about. Soren just eyed him and sucked on his sucker very slowly.

"I'm that sick, now am I?" Soren scowled intently. Then he sighed.

"You've never even been in a fucking relationship, now have you?" Sebastian glared back at him.

"Well," Soren squinted hard. "Bloody, bollocks! You love her, don't you? You really want to put yourself though all this, do you?"

"Yes." Sebastian closed his eyes as if he might suddenly fall asleep if he stood there long enough.

"Dratz, I hate that about you. Honestly, I do, but I'll still be your mate." Soren nodded. "You need one, and I'm here for you."

Sebastian shook his head as if that was the worst idea ever.


ellie said...

I love Soren's honesty.

cass and cady said...

Hopefully, Soren will be the friend he should be.