Sunday, December 20, 2009

presents of all kinds

This was absurd, thought Cecil. Finally, he'd found where Franny had moved with the boys and there a young bloke was at her door.

"Franny, got herself a nanny?" He squinted as he took a hard look at Randy.

"Um, yes, I suppose." Randy looked at him a little funny, perhaps frightened. It made Cecil smile all the more. He'd brought Nico and Bart Christmas presents.

"I see." Cecil kept his stiff upper lip. He was glad someone could at least look after the little ones while she was at work. "Do you have credentials?"

"To suffice." Randy just nodded.

Cecil looked about the small flat. He guessed Franny didn't need much, but Cecil got the impression that perhaps this bloke lived there.

"Who are you, really?" Cecil eyed him.

"Obviously, none of your business. I'm the nanny, remember?" Randy looked Cecil in the eye as if he wasn't one he could be reckoned with. He knew he'd fight for her honor. Last but not least, Cecil had an envelope for Franny.

"What's that for? A Christmas present?" Randy asked.

"Lets say its something for both of us." If Franny was in the right mind, and possibly she was. She'd sign the divorce papers so each could get on with their lives. "Lets hope she believes its a Christmas present."

Randy didn't say another word other than to show him to the door. Cecil knew he envied Randy a little. Only a little.


ellie said...

looks like its over.

elliestories said...

oh, I'm glad they didn't have a fight.

a jacob black tale said...

just like that.

cait said...

I hope this last with Randy and Franny, actually.

Anonymous said...

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