Monday, December 21, 2009

not so hot

Soren reckon this was the most dismal Christmas ever. Sebastian off moping about Anita and the miscarriage. That Maxie was awfully in love with that wife, Katy of his. Always doing something together. It could be a puzzle or stringing popcorn for the Christmas tree. It made him nausea.

Then this Ingrid was consumed with her tattooed half-dressed pirate who didn't even flinch at the cold. It got to Soren a bit that everyone had someone, but him. It was just not fair.

Naturally, his relationships usually lasted 6 weeks tops. But it would have been nice to have someone to snog through the holidays, at least. Didn't see that coming about anytime soon. Yes, he should settle back and write that novel he'd been itching to do. But nothing could make him linger in thought.

Damn, even a bromance would do. Something with someone. It was awful lonely feeling so blue. He had to get out of this house. At least. Of course, he hadn't cash to even get drunk. But maybe he'd get lucky. Someone would find him irresistible down at the Black Cat. So he went in to at least sit at the bar and have a look see.

Just the usual suspects. Not a new one insight. Really, wasn't there any other places he could possibly go? Probably less look down at the Dog. Were they just all out of town?

"Are you going buy anything or what?" Colin noticed him sitting there.

"Not. Haven't the cash." Soren looked at him blankly.

"Well, sounds like you need a job." Colin grinned.


"I've got one on a honeymoon, and this one here." He rubbed Billy's blond head. "Has a family to get home to, so he can get a head start on enjoying the holidays."

Soren gave Billy a scowl.

"Well, come on, get an apron on and get behind here." Colin motioned.

"But I won't know what to do."

"Quite, simple. You draw a lager and you give it to the customer. You're not an imbecile, Soren." Colin informed him.

"All right." He felt so defeated. When would things turn around for him?


cait said...

just what Soren needs. a Job.

cass and cady said...

Soren is something.

heath and nick said...

I have to wonder what sort of bartender he'd make.