Thursday, December 10, 2009

not aware of what you're losing

Honestly, it was just a check up.

As luck would have it the sonogram room was free.

"Don't you want to see it," the nurse asked Sebastian who hesitated a moment. He wasn't in the greatest condition. It was awkward. He was carrying an ice pack still. He just shrugged and followed. He'd been there for a ton of questions it seemed. He thought for a while he might be under arrest. Except, Anita was the older one in all this.

"Are you sure its all right?" He looked at her.

"Of course, why now, you're the father." The nurse chuckled.

"No, its, the thing, fetus, you know, is it all right?" For all he knew she might give birth to a vegetable.

"Well, not all the tests have come back. But from what we can tell, things look rather normal." She looked over Anita's file.

None of this was normal. He felt he was in a small dark theater about to watch a documentary of some sort. And it was live. And it was coming from Anita's stomach. There it was, heart beating. It was alive. Sebastian thought he might pass out.


Cait said...

funny, how this realization has hit him now about Anita.

elliestories said...

I hope they will change their minds.

ellie said...

I think they'll change their mind. Hope so.