Monday, December 28, 2009

its coming up

The night was just shit and it looked as if the new day wouldn't be much better in Soren's mind. At least the old folks had walked out into the cold with the steam rising off their bodies as if they might have been on fire. That was a sight to be hold.

"Are they all right?" A blonde bloke watched them go into the night.

"They'll live. Not zombies, yet, you know." Soren shrugged as he wiped down a table.

"Zombies? What are you going on about?" The bloke winced back at him.

"Trying to have a laugh, that's all. Been bloody massive tonight." Soren detested this sort of work. Really, quite back breaking, he'd decided in the last few minutes.

"I see." The bloke looked at him.

"No you don't." Soren looked up at him blankly, but the bloke's diamond eyes had got to him. If only he were in the mood to make a move, but he wasn't. "I come in for a drink and my obsessive cousin puts me to work in his pub."

"Your cousin runs this place?"

"Unfortunately, yeah." Soren's bottom lip slightly twitched.

"Sweet." He smiled.

"Bitter piss more like it." Soren grimaced.

"How about I buy you a coffee?"

"If you must." Soren couldn't say, no. He needed a bit a company even if this bloke was a might pretty, not his type at all. He quickly pulled off the apron and got his coat and scarf. "I didn't catch your name?" Soren bundled up as they walked in to negative chill of the night. Steam rose above them.

"Rupert. And you?" They watched the steam rise quickly above them as it took off into the night like a whisper of a comet.

"Soren Dean." Soren looked at him. "Don't tell me, you're a Dean?"

"No, not that I know of." Rupert shook his head.


ellie said...

This should be fun. Those 2. Making me smile, already.

Heath and Nick said...

Soren is something. Intersting about the steam and all too.

cass and cady said...

Maybe Rupert will be the one. =D

Maxxie n Tony said...

Definitely, like to see where this romance goes.

selena st.john said...

Rupert totally has to be the one.
Or i shall wither and die.