Thursday, December 24, 2009

it came to be

Sasha put Risa down for bed. Suddenly, something brilliant came to her as she watched her sleeping daughter. She remembered why they named her Risa.

"Rhys." She breathed his name as if it had been on the tip of her tongue all this time. She blinked. She knew who he was. She looked at her photo on her nightstand. It wasn't of her and Rhys but of her and Jamie. She winced. That's not my husband. Rhys was her real husband.

Where was Rhys, she wondered. How had that happened? What was going on? Her mind was confused and mixed up. There was a horrible thought that this was all her fault. Was it true? Did she really love Jamie? Did she really know who he was? Maybe he wasn't her husband at all. It was Rhys. Rhys was her husband and he was no where in sight.

She didn't know which way to turn. She winced then, thinking she might be crazy. She ran down the stairs then to the kitchen. There was Jamie and Rhys drinking so merrily as if the party had started without her.

"The nerve of you!" She started in on Jamie. "How could you do it? What have you done, Jamie!" She was fierce. This couldn't be. It was like nothing was real, was it?

"Luv, what do you mean?" Jamie got up from his chair and came toward her, but she pushed him away.

"I can not believe you! I do not believe you! Everything you do is a lie! Its all a lie!" She gritted.

"What are you going on about?" He was having a laugh. He looked at her as if she were a joke. A fool in fact.

"Tell him! Tell Maxie what you've done, Jamie!" She clenched her fist as if she were ready to knock him out cold.

"What is she going on about?" Maxie winced giving Jamie an odd look then.

"Nothing, its nothing." Jamie glared at Sasha, but she took off up the stair to get Risa. She was leaving. Sasha needed to find Rhys.


ellie said...

oh no..what could this mean.

a degrassi fan fic said...

This could turn everything upside down!